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Recall Everything You've Read and Saved

mindECHO Automatically Transforms Your Web Journey to a Private, Searchable Knowledge Base

Search in Bookmarks and Your Saves

Instantly search and find content across your multiple bookmarks and saves. Get relevant answers from your personal web archive.

With full-text search capabilities, you can quickly locate specific content, passages, or details that you've previously saved, even if you can't remember the exact wording, source, or even language. Whether you're looking for that insightful article you saved months ago or need to revisit a specific piece of information from a saved webpage, mindECHO has you covered.


The Simplest Way to Manage All Your Web Saves

mindECHO is the search tool needed that allows you to easily find information from all the web pages, articles, and documents you've saved across your bookmarks, reading lists, and collections.

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One Search Box

One search box, right on the browser, covering all the locations, from Bookmarks to Reading List to Bookmarking Tools. 


Smart Search

Forget the need for exact keywords. Rediscover content based on vague recollections, making it easy to find that "thing I saved that one time."

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Get Direct Answers

Receive immediate answers sourced directly from your saved content with AI, enabling you to recall information with minimal effort.

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Unlimited Volume

Seamlessly Manages Your Entire Knowledge Journey, Across All Sources, Covering hundreds of thousands of Bookmarks, Saves, and Browsing History.

  • Is my data secure?
    MindECHO prioritizes user privacy and data security. All data is transmitted through secure encrypted connections, and we employ industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your information. Additionally, URL data remains local to your device, and only the bookmarks you explicitly choose will be synchronized with our service. Your privacy is our top concern.
  • How does MindECHO handle new content?
    If the auto-retrieval feature is enabled, MindECHO will automatically detect and include new publicly available content into your knowledge pool, ensuring that your information stays up-to-date without any manual effort on your part.
  • How Does mindECHO Search In Bookmarks
    mindECHO fetches your saved items and make the full content searchable. It's not limited to bookmarks. You can search from all your saves in one place.
  • Do I need to organize my content to get accurate searches?
    No, you don't need to create folders, hashtags, tags, or annotate your content. MindECHO uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically organize your content and make it searchable, eliminating the need for manual organization.

Your Knowledge Base is ready — Built From Everything You've Read and Bookmarked.

No Further Organizing or Memorizing Needed.

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